Carolina Fire Days 

  • What is Carolina Fire Days?
    • Carolina Fire Days is a 4-day educational conference bringing firefighters from all across the country striving to hone their skills and better themselves for the job they have taken an oath to do. In addition to encouraging firefighter betterment, Carolina Fire Days is 100% inclusive and encourage family involvement.
    • All proceeds raised by Carolina Fire Days support Sons of the Flag (501c3), which is a charity that is very close to our hearts.

  • Conference Format
    • Carolina Fire Days 2023 is a 4-day firefighter educational conference in the Charlotte Metro area
    • Held November 8-11, 2023, including lecture and hands-on training.
      • Lectures will commence on November 8th and 9th in Charlotte, NC. Each day will feature 2-4 speakers.
      • Hands-on training will be held on November 10th and November 11th at five separate local training sites. There will be 8 separate classes offered across these sites.
      • In addition to the typical firefighter hands-on training classes we also offer the firefighter spouse experience, "Taking Control: Homefront to the Fire Ground" giving spouses and family members of firefighters the opportunity to participate in some of the same tasks as their firefighter, such as; wearing turnout gear, stretching and flowing hand lines, forcing doors, and even a guided trip to other H.O.T. sites.

  • After Events
    • We will have evening activities following the great lectures on Wednesday and Thursday
      • November 8th will include a relaxed round-table event featuring a variety of successful fire service couples for an open discussion on fire service relationship advice.
        • This round-table is open for EVERYONE, couples and individuals alike. Food will be provided for this evening's event.
      • November 9th, We are working to hold a social event at a local brewery/eatery.

  • History
    • Carolina Fire Days started in 2020 as a 2-day conference in Asheboro, NC as a litmus test for a larger event. The format of the 2020 Carolina Fire Days was a 1-day lecture and 1-day hands-on training.
    • 2021 Carolina Fire Days was moved to the Charlotte Metro area as the same 5-day conference format it is today. 2021 was a great success to add to our various single-day lecture events and multiple single hands-on days in the past few years. Our team of volunteers pulled off the event very smoothly.
    • 2022 proved to be yet another amazing year! We had a lecture venue change and couldn't have been happier. The speakers and HOT instructors were absolutely amazing. 

Sons of The Flag (501c3) - Sons of the Flag YouTube 

  • SOTF Mission: Revolutionize burn care and quality of life for veterans, first responders, and families.
  • SOTF Vision: Accelerate the process of testing leading technologies and push them into circulation for immediate use by burn survivors across the nation.
  • All proceeds raised by Carolina Fire Days will be donated to Sons of the Flag specifically for burn care research within the Carolinas and burn care treatment for anyone in the United States.

Email- support@carolinafiredays.com

Joe Yowler Cell – 704-652-8559

Thomas Yow Cell - 980-521-2108